What is LyTec®?
LyTec® is a light source based on the technology of electroluminescence. It is a linear light source in the world available in the form of a fiber. LyTec® comes in many colors, small diameters and continuous lengths varying from inches to thousands of feet. When the appropriate electric power is applied to LyTec®, the flexible fiber glows similarly to neon light. Amazingly, one thousand yards of LyTec® consumes the energy of just one ordinary light bulb!

Does LyTec® require power to work?
Yes. LyTec® fiber is long-lasting, unlike tubes or pipes that use chemical mixes to provide light for only a few hours. LyTec® can last for many months. It requires only a power supply (outlet or battery) in order to function.

Is LyTec® known as any other name?
Due to the enthusiasm generated by our customers, various names have been applied to the LyTec® , such as, LIVE FIBER™, COOL FIBER™, EL FIBER™, NEON TRIM™, POWER NEON™, SOFT NEON™, SPAGHETTI LITE™, COOLIGHT™, COOL NEON™ and others. There is only one patented, authorized manufacturer of LyTec® under any of those names, and that is LyTec Asia Limited. Feel free to contact us to ensure you are getting real LyTec® fiber.

Why is LyTec® better than LED and fiber optics (emitting light from the sides)?
LyTec® provides the following advantages over neon, LED and fiber optics:


 Homogeneous light along the entire length

 Low power consumption

 Lower cost

 Easy installation

 Cool to the touch

 Wide range of colors

 Continuous length availability (from centimeters up to thousands of meters)

 Support of battery power or regular electrical outlets

 Suitable for ornaments and jewelry

 Enables braiding or looping

What is the lifetime of LyTec®?
The useful lifetime is up to thousands of hours, depending on the frequency and voltage inputs. Higher frequency and voltage create greater is the initial brightness, but greater wear on the fiber, shortening its lifetime. The useful lifetime of LyTec® is the amount of time it takes for the fiber's brightness to diminish to 30% of its initial brightness. The LyTec® fiber dims very gradually with use, and continues to emit a dimmed light for a long time after its useful lifetime.

tran What are the voltage levels are needed to operate LyTec®?
Typically, voltage levels are 48-130 RMS, depending on the type of fiber. However, the current drop is minimal, meaning it is possible to use either DC batteries via an inverter or direct connection (with proper precautions) to an electrical outlet.

What is the maximum current that can flow through LyTec®?
Yes. LyTec® supports a maximum current of 100mA.

What is the typical current drop-through LyTec®?
The typical current drop is in the magnitude of 1 mA/foot, depending on the combination of input voltage and frequency.

How do changes in electrical input affect the brightness?
Brightness is affected by both voltage and frequency. The higher the voltage or frequency, the brighter LyTec® will be. LyTec® operates in a range of internal voltage of 48-130VAC (RMS), depending on the needs of the application. LyTec® operates at virtually any frequency. The most common frequencies are in the 50-5000Hz range.

Can LyTec®'s brightness be increased?
Yes. Brightness can be adjusted according to the application. Higher voltage and frequency lead to brighter LyTec® effects. Choosing a higher output inverter will create a brighter application.

What is an inverter and what is it used for?
An inverter is a small electric device operated by DC voltage. The inverter's function is to convert the low DC voltage into higher AC voltage necessary for LyTec®'s operation.

Why are there different types of inverters?
For optimum efficiency, the power inverter needs to be appropriate for the resistance and capacitance characteristics of the LyTec® fiber, both of which are determined by the fiber length. Each inverter is designed to drive different LyTec® length ranges. Your distributor, our sales people or our technical support person will be happy to help you select the appropriate inverter.

What types of inverters are available?
LyTec® fibers ranging from several inches to approximately a foot uses inverters operating on coin-cell batteries. Fibers ranging from several to hundreds of feet operate on a range of higher power inverters.

Can LyTec customize the inverters?
Absolutely. LyTec has a team of experts to help customers with any project or product. Just contact us.
  How is LyTec® packaged?
LyTec® is available in spools of 250m (820 ft) lengths.

What colors does LyTec® offer?
LyTec® is available in the following colors.
Deep Red
Some colors are not available in all diameters. For a table of the relevant diameters and colors, see Fibers.

What is the diameter of LyTec® fiber?
LyTec® comes in the following diameters:
1.3 mm (0.05in). Thin Diameter LyTec® is for applications requiring flexibility. 
2.3mm (0.09in). General Purpose LyTec® is for common indoors usage. 
3.2mm (0.13in). Outdoors usage fiber.  
5.0mm (0.2in). Thick Fiber is for applications where visibility of the fiber is important, even when the fiber is not lit.  
2.8 x 3.5mm (0.11x 0.14in). Double Thickness fiber is for applications where very long fiber lengths are used.

  What applications have used LyTec® successfully?

LyTec® has been used with outstanding success in:
* Custom-made decorations and stage sets
* Temporary decorations for exhibitions
* Point-of-sale decoration
* Event decorations
* Easy installation
* Automobile interiors
* Safety garments
* Accessories
* Support of battery power or regular electrical outlets
* Night guides and signage

Can LyTec® be used for portable applications?
For portable applications, LyTec offers a variety of battery-operated inverters (also called drivers).

Can LyTec® be used outdoors?
Several LyTec® products are designed specifically for outdoor use, specifically, the 3.2 mm and 5.0 mm series.

Can LyTec® work under water?
Yes, LyTec® operates when it is immersed in water for a limited time. The electrical power supply and inverter must be outside of the water.

Can we LyTec® be used for clothing and fashion applications?
Definitely. LyTec® is the perfect lighting product for fantastic and safe lighting effects in textiles, fabrics, and accessories: LyTec® provides a flexible, cold, low-power, and easy to attach product for use with fashion applications.

How can LyTec® be affixed to a flat surface without damaging the surface?
A plastic U or Omega type holder can be attached by two-sided adhesive tape. LyTec® can easily be threaded through such holders.

  To what degree can LyTec® be bent, twisted and stretched?
LyTec® is very flexible and can be bent, twisted, and stretched. However, over-bending, for example, tying the fiber in a tight knot, may harm the fiber internal structure. Over-bent fiber will continue to work, but some areas of the fiber may not emanate light.

Specifically, the bending diameter must be at least 5 times greater than the fiber diameter. For example, 0.09" diameter fibers can be bent to a minimum bending diameter of 0.45".

The maximum twisting angle is 30 degrees per yard of fiber. Stretching of LyTec® is allowed when using a power of up to 1 Kg.

If you touch the core, can LyTec® cause electrocution?
Touching the LyTec® core cannot cause electrocution. Touching the core alone will have no effect whatsoever. Touching the core and the spiral fibers together while LyTec® is connected to power or a battery, a slight shock or hitch may be felt, caused by the low power short circuit.

Is LyTec® safe in case of fire?
Yes. Tests of our LyTec® fibers in extreme temperatures - up to 850°C - proved that the fibers are self extinguishing. A flame at this temperature will not spread along the length of the EL fiber to become a source of fire.

What tension can LyTec® hold?
Up to 1 Kg (2.2 pounds)
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