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L.L. Bean introduces the Original Book Pack®, featuring LyTec's LyTec® fibers, for a new standard in outdoor safety. The product, unveiled in L.L. Beans' Fall 2005 catalogue, includes sewn-in LyTec® electroluminescent fiber for outstanding visibility in low-lighting conditions. The book pack cuts through thick fog and is ideal for helping kids and adults stay safe and seen to motorists at night.

Lightsport VisionTex, LyTec's U.S. customer specializing in illuminated apparel for increased safety measures, introduced the LyTec® fibers to L.L. Bean for integration into the book pack. LyTec's engineer team and subsidiary in the U.S. worked closely with Lightsport VisionTex to bring the L.L Bean project from initial conception to production and through completion of a finished project: a Design-In to a Design-Win.
  RoseArt Lights Up Children's Toys with LyTec® Building Set

RoseArt, a premier manufacturer of children's toys, introduces Lightastix, a glowing game based on the integration of LyTec® glowing (EL) fibers into illuminated shapes and designs.

LyTec®, the toy's 'wow' appeal, creates a highly impressive visual effect, enabling RoseArt to market a completely unique and innovative product. A new trend in toys, LyTec® adds a cool and fun dimension to spark children's imaginations and light up product value. This just-released product has already secured space on the shelves of the largest North American retailers for the Fall 2005.

LyTec's team of engineers supported its US subsidiary to provide RoseArt designers with extensive technical support services from initial conception (Design-In) to product completion (Design-Win).

  Night Light Product Uses LyTec® Fibers for Pet Safety

How can we ensure that our pets are safe from nighttime car drivers? High school students from Israel's Tel-Aviv suburbs, participating in a Junior Entrepreneurs school-wide program, presented the solution in Night Light, a LyTec® illuminated dog collar.

Night Light uses LyTec® electroluminescent fibers to provide a flexible and battery-operated dog collar, available in multiple colors and visible on dogs from a distance of more than 200 meters. "The collar's purpose is twofold...first, it protects against car accidents when pet owners are walking dogs at night and second, its highly fashionable as many people invest a lot of money in their pets," says 15-year old Orr Barkat, Manager of Night Light Production and Development.

Night Light has made media appearances in Israel's popular daily Ma'ariv, the Yair Lapid Talk Show, and high-technology conferences. The product took home second place in the Junior Entrepreneurs finals out of 11 product ideas. The students' next step will be to design a similar product for human safety.

  Glow Wave - a Rainbow Product  

One beautiful, starry night, camping out with my kids, I saw a shooting star. It was the inspiration for the Glow Wave, a product that has been wildly successful thanks to the incorporation of LyTec® fiber . We sell this creation to Universal Studios, amusement parks and movie theaters where "Star Wars" is shown.

Without LyTec's help and creative support from the idea to the mass production, it would just have been a passing idea. They provided samples to support the design in process and helped with finding subcontractors for manufacturing. We never could have brought the concept to the positive end if LyTec's team had not helped us with all their technical know-how. A creative thought is only a thought without the details to follow it up.

Rainbow Products (541) 826-9007

  Can You See Me Now?  

Following the tragic death of a security police patrol supervisor, hit by a motorist whilst directing traffic from an evacuated area following a bomb threat, the security forces began searching for an improved and more visible traffic vest. The vest developed in the ACC Headquarters uses electroluminescent technology that makes the wearers much more visible.

"Current reflective technology requires that an exterior light source shine on the material in order to be seen. The ELMO-Lyte is self illuminating, provided it's connected to its power source," says Mr. Steve Kunich, a senior analyst. The EL Fiber is lighted using two AA batteries, is durable, flexible and can be set on "steady" or "flash" mode for better visibility.

In 2002, 460 deaths were caused by motorists not seeing someone in time to avoid them. The use of this new, yet simple technology can be instrumental in reducing the number of deaths, especially of various personnel serving duty on the roads.

  Blue Man Show in Berlin, By Lightec GmbH

The Blue Man Group is a creative organization, described by critics as "ground breaking", best known for its award-winning theatrical productions. Blue Man has produced a new spectacular play in Berlin, in which LyTec® is used as the foundation of the play's decoration.

An entire Brandenburg Tor (gate)was shaped using thousands of meters of LyTec® fibers. Animated designs of running horses, carriages and moving objects, were created using the LyTec® fibers, controlled by sophisticated Electronic Control Systems.

LyTec® was proven to be the most cost effective, easy to install technology that can easily be used for contouring stages and enhancing stage decorations. Audiences are praising the incredible decorations in the play, enhanced by the special, unique impact given by the LyTec® fibers. Further plays using the similar concept are now on the way.

  LyTec® Increases Life of a Hasbro Brand    

LyTec® is featured in Hasbro's NERF NITE JAM NERFOOP product, a light-up basketball and rim that extends the playability of the game to nighttime action. Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS), a worldwide leader in children's and family leisure time entertainment products and services, and one of Elam's key clients, launched the NERF NITE JAM NERFOOP last fall, allowing kids to play basketball safely in the dark, making it a winner among both parents and children.

"We consider the Nerf product a success...[LyTec®] is a good product, which extended the life of a core Hasbro brand...It's a great product with tremendous upside and we are planning on adding to more products in the future," says Leif Askeland, Vice President of Engineering at Hasbro. NERF NITE JAM NERFOOP is available at retailers throughout North America.

  Magic Light Parade

The only illumination own parade in Mexico that will awaken your emotions!

By nightfall Six Flags Mexico will shut down completely to arouse your emotions with a new parade with your favorite: The Looney Tunes and Justice League, who accompanied the performers, acrobats and dance to bring you a spectacular show at the that illusion, magic and the LyTec fibers play an essential role.
  Pyromania Dance Group

Integrating high-grade video, phantasmagorical LyTec fiber lighting effects, and original electronic soundtrack and fast-paced physical theatre, Israeli duo Pyromania's show is truly stunning.

A Professional dancer and a martial arts expert, zohar Markman and Michael Lehrer, the duo captivate with their dance of LyTec fiber, gloriously complemented by the aural nector of Flat Stanley's music and a sublimely shot film that guides the fairytale. Introduced scene presents a new chapter for the robotic pair, futuristic and fantastic
  Fortress and Fantasy - Making the past come alive!

This summer the Tower of David Museum invites you to enter our world … a world of fantasy in the fortress! This interactive exhibition invites children and parents alike to connect with the actual fortress structure at the Tower of David and then to leap into the realms of fantasy with the aid of state of the art technology.

The Tower of David Museum is located in the magnificently restored ancient citadel at the Jaffa Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City. It’s a real life fortress, with towers, stone walls, guard rooms, a large dry moat, portcullis, and secret pathways and hiding places! Its ancient walls have guarded Jerusalem throughout the ages and many a legend has been made on the way to the fortress or within

The fortress then becomes the back drop for an adventure into the land of fantasy. Children are invited to move, to touch, to sense and to utilize different interactive media platforms and technologies developed by the Israeli company “EYECLICK”, thereby entering a virtual world of castles, myths and fantasies.
An interactive PLAYMOBIL exhibition hall will be sponsored by Creative Toys Ltd.

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